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Service Pledge

    We are committed to according to the user precise actual process conditions to provide personalized, high-appropriate products and services to help customers achieve the highest accuracy, the best performance, the maximum yield, the lowest cost, the longest and most stable period long life and stable solutions. Provide high quality, efficient, professional and sincere service for users to create the best value in return. We will always stand on the user demand point of development and innovation, and to precisely meet the individual needs of users, professional service every ocean users.

    ◆ one year equipment warranty, maintenance lifelong;
    ◆ free commissioning of equipment and training of operators and technical personnel;
    ◆ free provide equipment configuration, the production site layout;
    ◆ free provide equipment regular service visits from time to time;
    ◆ main regional offices provide 24-hour real-time service;
    ◆ provide fast spare parts supply for the doors and windows and curtain wall processing enterprises.